Bush and Tree Trimming

Bush & Tree TrimmingTaking care of your landscape and garden can be a pleasurable activity which many homeowners engage in, especially if they have a green thumb. But bush, shrubs and tree trimming is also a science that helps with the art of achieving perfectly neat and thriving vegetation all year long. Our company works with landscape architects, botanists and horticulture professionals to ensure that your bushes, shrubs and trees are taken care of perfectly.

One of the first things we do, should you hire our trimming services, is to perform a full evaluation of your trees, shrubs and bushes and identify their strengths, weaknesses and potential. You should know that new and young trees or shrubs need formative pruning in the first post-plantation years. Well established bushes and trees can require trimming twice or three times of year.

Bushes and trees shouldn’t be trimmed just because the time is right, but because you want to preserve their health and beauty while promoting their optimal rejuvenation and blooming. Trimming may also be tricky sometimes, as some varieties need manual labor while other ones thrive better if trimmed with electrical equipment. Depending on the varieties and purposes of your woody vegetation, trimming techniques and times can be adjusted so the vegetation keeps its strengths and becomes resilient to weather changes, pests or weeds.

All your bushes and trees should be perfectly integrated in your overall landscape and follow its general design. Contemporary looks require crisp edges, flat tops and perfectly manicured and shaped bodies, while natural-oriented landscapes allow “wilder” growths and shapes. Our professionals will make sure your woody vegetation provides your landscape with shade, privacy, color, texture and depth, in full compliance with the landscape design and environmental requirements.

Should you choose our team of experts to provide you with seasonal maintenance or health-centered trimming, there are a few things you should know about Royal Lawn Service:

  • Before hiring a licensed professional we do a thorough background check so you feel safe around our workers at all times.
  • We will treat your property as if it was our own; this is why we carry large insurance and workers’ compensation, so everything and everybody is kept safe while we work on your property.
  • We don’t trim your vegetation for the sake of trimming, but offer you constant evaluations related to your bushes, shrubs and trees’ state of health, needs and vulnerabilities, so you constantly know what to do.
  • We never leave until we check every one of the 23 points on our working checklist so when we leave you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your beautiful and healthy landscape.
  • We offer a full satisfaction warranty policy: you can call us back to redo a job for free in case you are no happy with some results. In case you are still not 100% satisfied with the work, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix things up for you.

Ask for a free estimate today, have our team assess the situation and enjoy expert, risk-free trimming services all year long!