Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization & Weed ControlWeeds are a homeowners’ nightmare, especially since they pop their ugly heads when least expected. Pulling weeds form your garden or applying fertilizer once a year isn’t enough to keep your landscape healthy and thriving. Reliable fertilization and weed control require constant care and verification, post-treatment follow-ups and proper applications. You may have heard some horror stories about fertilizers burning the soil or killing beneficial insects and plants – and such stories are true. Optimal fertilization should always be performed by specialists in the field who are licensed in horticulture and environmentalism.

Royal Lawn Service has the required fertilization and weed control experience, as we have been servicing the area for more than 10 years. We know the threats and opportunities presented by the soil here, we know everything about endemic weed species, the weather-related challenges and the opportunities your landscape has to thrive free of weeds.

We will frequently perform evaluation visits to your property and customize the treatments your lawn and landscape needs. We are able to identify connected threats – like the presence of grubs underneath your turf – and promote grass growth in brown patches. All our efforts are focused on offering you a green, healthy and lush lawn and landscape that is properly nourished and protected.

What Should You Expect from Our Fertilization and Weed Control Services?

Our licensed experts use a mix of products respecting the environment. We start applications early in the spring and continue them until late fall. Winter is of concern, of course, and our frequent applications will ensure your turf grows healthy, thick and strong the next season. Instead of working on your lawn trying to understand the chemicals and the specifics of pre- or post-emergent weed control substances you will simply enjoy it thriving before your eyes.

Another important thing to know is that we offer complementary and integrated services. Mulching is just one of the many fertilization and weed control methods, together with proper mowing and irrigation optimization. However, when it comes to applying actual treatments, you just can’t pour some store-bought chemicals or sprays and hope for the best.

We have become a standard of good practices in the industry because we use tailored and personalized treatments that respect the soil’s pH and fertilization needs. We also use friendly treatments so the micro-ecosystem living on your property suffers no harm. Our time-honored and certified methods also render your fertilized lawn safe for children and pets to play on.

How Risky Is For You to Work With Us?

Simply put – our work is risk-free. Not only that we work with the latest equipment and science-based methods, we also back up our services with an unbeatable satisfaction warranty. In case you are not happy with our results, you can always call us back to redo the job, no questions asked. If you are still not thrilled with the outcome, we will personally pay a competitor of your choice to fix things for you.

There is no risk in working with us, only benefits. But you don’t have to take our word for it: ask for a free estimate today, have our team do its wonders on your property and give us a really good run for our money!