Best Fertilization & Weed Control Lee’s Summit MO Services

Fertilization & Weed Control Lees Summit MOScience-based fertilization and weed control has become a staple of our company, dedicated to above-standards integrated lawn and landscape services for more than ten years. Your lush welcoming property needs mowing and trimming just as much it needs our state of the art fertilization & weed control Lee’s Summit MO services.

Since the beginning, we strived to offer our clients the best solutions for their lawns, all tailored to match the soil’s pH and humidity, the turf’s type and fertilization needs. Our experts in horticulture and agriculture are able now to offer each client a personalized full-year lawn treatment that protects and enhances the soil and the vegetation growing on it.

What Do you Benefit from by Choosing our Fertilization & Weed Control Lee’s Summit MO Services?

First and foremost, you benefit from a team of specialists who will come down to assess the property, test the soil and the turf, and come up with a fertilization and weed control plan that matches the features and requirements of your grasses and plants.

Secondly, you will enjoy a hassle-free program, which includes frequent and regular applications spanning from early spring to late fall. Moreover, here are the main benefits of our fertilization and weed control Lee’s Summit MO services:

  • Customized application for pre and post emergent weeds – each season – to ensure your turf, flowers, and trees grow healthily and luxurious;
  • Harmless, tailored substances and treatments that pose no threat to the soil, deep soil water resources, the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property, your kids and pets playing on the lawn, etc. Our science-based applications are safe for people, animals, and the environment.
  • We employ only certified methods and treatments of getting your lawn rid of weeds and boosting its health and life.
  • Our experience in the area of more than a decade offers us an unparalleled advantage: we know the area very well, we understand climate in general and the cause-and-effect relationship between weather and weeds, and we have researched endemic weed species and know how to tackle each problem.

What Else Should You Know about our Fertilization & Weed Control Lee’s Summit MO Services?

As we already said, we take an integrated and personalized approach to lawn care. Therefore, our fertilization and weed control Lee’s Summit MO services include mulching and irrigation optimization as well. Besides, if you choose to work with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our services are 100% risk-free, meaning that we will redo the job if you are not completely happy with what we have done;
  • We carry an extensive insurance policy and workers’ compensation, so we protect your property and our work in full;
  • We carry licenses and certifications, so we guarantee you safe lawn care, landscape, fertilization and weed control services;
  • We offer affordable and personalized pricing plans.

Do not hesitate and give us a call right now. Our operators are able to offer you a free estimate, so you can enjoy our fertilization and weed control Lee’s Summit MO services at a great price and with maximum efficiency!