Irrigation & Sprinkler Maintenance

Irrigation & Sprinkler MaintenanceIrrigation is an essential part of your lawn care and maintenance yearly strategy and you should never overlook it. An optimal functioning landscape irrigation system needs regular verification and maintenance, repairs and optimization. Unlike other gardening activities you can perform by yourself as a hobby, irrigation system maintenance and sprinklers’ repairs need to be done by specialists in engineering and lawn maintenance.

Our company has been servicing the area for more than a decade and our licensed professionals are more than qualified to perform the correct sprinkler maintenance and service so they keep properly working year after year. A system malfunction, a leaking pipe or a frozen one for that matter can lead to severe damage for your lawn. It may also lead to unnecessary water waste and, consequently, high expenses.

What Irrigation & Sprinkler Maintenance Services Can We Offer?

If you call in our experts to check on your irrigation system, this is what you should know about the services we perform:

  • We offer start-up and winterization services for both commercial and residential irrigation systems.
  • In spring we can come down your place, assess the lawn and state of your vegetation and recommend you start watering the property; in this case, we will check the system, get it started and make sure every component is working properly.
  • When the watering season ends, we also come down to check the system’s state, and use air compressors to blow the remaining water out of the system so the pipes don’t freeze over winter.
  • We will also perform spring and fall maintenance check-ups to make sure everything is in perfect shape. In case we identify malfunctions we will do the necessary repairs; since our team of certified experts is familiar with all modern irrigation systems big or small, you can rest assured they will keep your irrigation system properly functioning all watering season long.

There are a few more things you should know about our company and practices:

  • No matter what type of job you have us doing, it will be completely risk-free: we carry $1,000,000 insurance policy to protect your property and all your assets, workers compensation so they are protected even if they get injured while working on your property.
  • We only employ certified technicians after we perform a thorough background check for each and every one of them.
  • We carry one of the best warranties on the market: our iron-clad, 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy; it states that if you are not happy with one of our results, you can call us back to redo the job for free; if you are still not absolutely thrilled with our performance, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix things in our stead.

Ask today for a Free Estimate and let us keep your irrigation system and your lawn in the best shape possible!