Royal Lawn Service has been offering integrated and complete residential and commercial lawn and landscaping services to cover all seasons. We built our reputation on being always on time, available 24/7 all year long and offering high quality services at the most affordable of prices. We also became an industry’s standard as our integrated services are in full compliance with horticulture and environmentalism recent findings. If you want us to take care of your property all year long, this is what you should know about our full range of available services.

Lawn Mowing

We offer regular lawn mowing services all year long, making sure your turf grows rich and healthy – we always respect the grasses mowing heights, we regularly change the mowing directions and we make sure the eco-friendly principles are respected. A good mowing session should also factor in climate-related conditions and the grasses varieties.

Irrigation & Sprinklers Maintenance

No lawn and landscape can thrive in the absence of proper irrigation. An efficient irrigation system should be frequently maintained and fixed, and also prepared for the winter. Any leaks, damages or malfunctions can lead to overwatering, resulting in lawn damages, in addition to wasted resources and money.


Adding a fresh layer of mulch according to the season and the soil’s and vegetation’s needs is the smart thing to do in terms of soil nourishment and organic protection. We are more than qualified to properly install moist or dry mulches for both looks and functionality of your plantings, trees, flower beds or vegetable garden.

Bush and Tree Trimming

This is an important activity belonging to your yard care and landscaping annual plan. We offer regular bush and tree trimming activities when necessary to rejuvenate the greenery and boost the vegetation’s health.

Fertilization and Weed Control

No lawn and landscape can thrive when attacked by weeds. Our services are available all year long and are dedicated to nourishing and protecting your property. We frequently do property assessments and apply tailored fertilizers so they can feed the soil and fend off weeds without harming beneficial insects, plants or the environment altogether.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

A beautiful and healthy landscape has to be properly cleaned and organized to avoid the thriving of pests or diseases on your property. Just like your home, your property needs to be kept free from vegetal or inorganic debris. We use hi-tech equipment, tools and vehicles to remove dead leaves, twigs, branches, dirt or other leftovers and dispose of them according to local regulations.

Commercial Snow Removal

When winter strikes, a business owner has a hard time trying to run the business and remove snow and ice daily in the same time. If you are tired to wait for your local companies to show up, we are more than willing and qualified to keep your sidewalks, driveways and parking lot free from snow. Your customers should reach your store or headquarters in full safety and comfort and we will be there 24/7 to make sure winter doesn’t make your business run slow or hard.


Our company is more than qualified to offer you landscape design recommendations and integrated landscaping services: flower planting, mulching, trimming and pruning, hardscape building and maintenance services. You can benefit from the expertise of our landscape architects and technicians to revamp your existing landscape, build you a new one from scratch or add certain elements to boost the property’s curb appeal.

All our services are backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee: in case you are not happy with one of our results, you can call us back to redo the job for free. If you are still not completely thrilled with the outcome, we will personally pay a competitor of your choice to fix things up in our stead, no questions asked! Call us today, ask for a free estimate and put us to the test!